photo51 I'm back! My journey across the country on behalf of DC Nation came to an end today as I dragged my luggage into my office. Baltimore Comic Con was even better than I expected it to be and we had a fantastic time. On Saturday I was joined on DC Nation by Pete Tomasi, JT Krul, Jamal Igle, Mr. Bob Wayne and Rachel Gluckstern. We laughed, we cried, there were party hats and I hugged a was great. Then on Sunday Len Wein and Franco joined us for Sunday Conversation where we managed to talk about some DCU stuff between long stories about pro football and overeating (let's hope JT has learned a valuable lesson about trying to keep up with me at the all you can eat Brazilian place). I'd like to give one more seriously huge THANK YOU to all the fans I saw over the last two weeks. You guys are the best and I hope to see even more of you when we head back out on tour in 2010. I've gotta get back to work now, starting out with reading the final proof of Lobo: Highway To Hell by Scott Ian & Sam Keith (out November 4th!!!) photo41