SMSO_1_5p_prev.qxp The first issue of writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank’s modern re-telling of Superman’s origin hit stores last week, and reception couldn’t be stronger. Gawker’s pop culture and sci-fi blog, IO9, had some kind words for the first issue of SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN, noting that “you might just find yourself wanting to believe a man could fly after all.” Meanwhile, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES’ Doug Zawisza points out that “Johns and Frank are setting out to give us the absolute version of Superman's origin. Once and for all.” THE ONION AV CLUB has some nice things to say about the creative team, noting that “Johns has a gift for windswept, heartfelt Smallville stories, and his script is served well by Frank’s tendency to make characters look simultaneously heroic and neurotic.” And last, but certainly not least, IGN notes that “Once again, Johns does a tremendous job of tinkering with a property in a way that simultaneously injects new life into it and reminds readers why they fell in love in the first place. Gary Frank's artwork is as gorgeous and iconic as ever, and comes as further proof that he was born to draw Superman and his world.”