batman-bn-3-05-small You've been reading BLACKEST NIGHT: BATMAN, right? I would hope so. If you have, then you've noticed the powerful pencil work of one Ardian Syaf, a relative newcomer (and newly-exclusive DCU artist) who's jumped into the deadl world of BLACKEST NIGHT feet first. The mini teams Syaf with writer Peter Tomasi, who's no stranger to the Bat-universe, not to mention the world of Green Lantern. And with a collection of rogues as impressive as Batman's, it's no surprise that he has his fair share of baddies to bring back from the dead to sport those nasty Black Lantern rings. So, fight your case of the Mondays with a nice piece of artwork from the third and final issue of BLACKEST NIGHT: BATMAN from Mr. Syaf, and stay tuned right here for more news about this up-and-coming talent.