littlegotham_detective_annual_page2_pre While the main story of both the BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS annuals deal with Azrael and his growing role in the Bat-universe, each book contains a "little" treat. Pun intended. Writer Derek Fridolfs teams with co-writer and regular artistic collaborator Dustin Nguyen for two two-page shorts spotlighting "Lil' Gotham." It's all your favorite Gotham City heroes and villains dropped in size and amped up in cuteness. How can you resist? Dustin was kind enough to send over a few panels this morning to Bat Editor Mike Marts and his able assistant Janelle Siegel. Lo and behold, we have them up here for you to fawn over. BATMAN ANNUAL #27 features a race through the winding streets of Gotham titled "Off Rogue Racing," while DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #11 is simply titled "Question & Answer." What more is there to say? Not too much, since we don't want to spoil the fun. But we did manage to get a few words from Mr. Marts. Take it away, Mike: “The usual STREETS OF GOTHAM art tandem of Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs switch gears to deliver two separate “Lil Gotham” chapters. Humor for all ages and adorable art – how can you say no?” BATMAN ANNUAL #27 hits 10/7. DETECTIVE COMICS ANNUAL #11 hits 10/14. littlegotham_batman_annual_pre