Well, it's Friday, and I've managed to finagle the day off. But fear not -- we've got our regularly scheduled "From the Editors" post right here. This time, it's Editor Rachel Gluckstern giving us more info on the upcoming THE SHIELD ongoing series. Take it away, Rachel: the_shield1_finalcolors With the Red Circle event now underway, I just have to share some art from the amazing team on the monthly Shield book. From Francis Manapul's amazing cover to the dream art team of Marco Rudy and Mick Gray, everyone's pulled out all the stops to live up to Eric Trautmann's impressive first script. theshield_issue1_layouts_02 theshield_issue1_page_02_031 The Shield #1 goes on sale 9/9, leading the way for the Red Circle monthlies and featuring Inferno by Brandon Jerwa and Greg Scott. But how can you resist such a perfect team of talent and characters? Look for the Shield #1 in September! the-shield-pg-2the-shield-pg-3