The Justice Society has always been about legacy. Young and old. Legends and rookies. Together to protect Earth from any kind of villain. But what happens when the generations disagree? After writers Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges conclude their first arc on JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, the team splits – creatively and literally, with Willingham holding the fort and Sturges moving over to a new ongoing series, JSA ALL STARS, with artist Freddie E. Williams III. And what’s the high concept? Taking a cue from Magog, a new JSA team forms, choosing a more proactive approach to handling the villains populating the planet, in defiance of some of the JSA’s most stalwart members. But that’s not all. We cornered JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA and JSA ALL STARS editor Mike Carlin for a tad more info, out here in the wilds of San Diego. Take it away, Mike: “The differences in styles on how to approach the mounting problems before them have grown too intense to ignore...Hence the splitting of the team. Oh, and the JSA is torn into two groups, as well!” And what a coincidence – we’re announcing the new series just in time for our “Great Society” panel, which is slated to cover all things relating to the JSA, including the newly-announced MAGOG, POWER GIRL, JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, JSA ALL STARS and more, with comments from Carlin, Willingham, Sturges, Williams, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and more. For those reading from home, here’s a first look at art from JSA ALL STARS, plus some other panel goodies.