BMROB Cv1 Over at THE ONION AV CLUB, Leonard Pierce chats up BATMAN AND ROBIN writer Grant Morrison, kicking off their slate of SDCC coverage. Here's an excerpt, but by all means, click and read the interview in its entirety. Pretty engaging stuff:

The A.V. Club: Given that you work largely in a medium where the fans are notoriously difficult to satisfy, how much consideration do you give your audience? Grant Morrison: I don’t like to think of my readership as “fans,” a word which has always suggested a kind of power relationship I’m uncomfortable with. I do like to keep abreast of what the hardcore vocal members of the comics-reading audience are talking about on Internet message boards, but there are so few of them, as a percentage of the buying audience, that I can’t allow their opinions to dictate story direction. It’s always interesting to see what the real enthusiasts think, but they’re rarely representative of the tastes of the wider audience, so I tend to write for myself, for an imagined smart 14-year-old, and for a couple of friends who are still big comics fans. I’m a fan myself, so I try to write the kind of comics I want to read.