Here’s the thing—it’s got a twist ending. I just started working with Will (Dennis, my boss, who I’m totally scared of) plus Brian and Ryan (Wood and Kelly, writer and artist, who I’m totally a fan of) on this Northlanders book and I’m wicked excited about it. But it’s got this twist ending. And there’s something in the first script that totally gives it away. Imagine you’re a production assistant on “The Usual Suspects” and somebody refers to Kevin Spacey as Keyser Soze on page 15. Kinda like that. But I caught it, and we saved it. They must have appreciated it because now I’m editing Northlanders all on my own. Awesome. (Of course they won’t talk to me anymore for being such a know-it-all pain-in-the-ass, but, whatever, it’s cool.) So check it out: Northlanders Volume 2: The Cross and the Hammer. It’s got Vikings, murder, tragedy and at the heart of it all a father and daughter on the run. Go buy it. See if you can spot the twist, before it hits you in the gut.