blackestnight_screengrab_500w Not too long ago, we told you about the nice job the team at IGN did with their BLACKEST NIGHT mini-site, which includes previews, reviews, interviews and tons of exclusive content relating to the blockbuster event, the first issue of which you should have in your hands by now. If not, we'll wait while you run to the store and catch up with the rest of us. Back? Ok. Well, over on our own site, we've created the ultimate BLACKEST NIGHT reading companion with a page dedicated to the series and all things Green Lantern. Whether it's a list of essential trades you should seek out or a comprehensive list of the various Lantern Corps and which Green Lanterns have fallen in the line of duty, the site's an invaluable tool for anyone looking to make their BLACKEST NIGHT reading all that much more enjoyable. So, done with the first issue? Looking for more info and loads of stuff to keep you occupied until BLACKEST NIGHT #2? Between IGN's hub, the extensive coverage the series is getting in the press and our own BLACKEST NIGHT presence, we've got you covered. Check back here on The Source regularly for updates on any new additions to the site.