BLN Cv1.indd In a little under a week, the comic book industry will converge for San Diego Comic-Con, arguably the largest pop culture event of the year. And one comic book series will be the talk of the show: BLACKEST NIGHT, by New York Times-bestselling writer Geoff Johns and superstar artist Ivan Reis. Five years in the making, this blockbuster summer event is equal parts chilling zombie horror show and gut-wrenching and gripping personal drama, involving the most famous comic book heroes ever known. Johns and Reis team up to not only raise the dead in a frightening and surprising way, but to also bring new meaning and definition to the concept in comics, in a story that will both shock and engage you amidst a War of Light between the various Lantern Corps representing the entire emotional spectrum. As the BLACKEST NIGHT spreads, the dead shall rise. Are you ready? And, as if you'd need any more convincing, a few press hits have already landed, on this day of BLACKEST NIGHT. USA WEEKEND spoke to Johns today, as did THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. If you head over to IGN, they've got a complete guide to the series, while NEWSARAMA outlines the 10 things you need to know about BLACKEST NIGHT. If that's not enough, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES also talks to Johns aas part of their regular "Geoff Johns Prime" feature.