It's finally here. The players are in place. The dead are rising. You've seen the previews and read the issues leading up to BLACKEST NIGHT #1,which hit comic shops today. But there's more. Included in the extra material on the GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT DC Universe animated original movie — on sale 7/28 on Blu-ray and DVD -- is a feature spotlighting this summer's biggest event, including interviews with Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi and Dan DiDio. And we’ve got two clips from the segment right here. So, if you haven't made it out to the store yet or if you're settling in to read the issue, check out the video. Think of it as a movie trailer for the blockbuster film you’ve been dying to see all summer. Pun intended. And because we’re generous, here’s another look at the first three pages from the first issue, plus the covers. Enjoy.