As far as I’m concerned, whatever Jeff Lemire wants Jeff Lemire gets. And what he wanted to do after finishing up his work on THE NOBODY OGN was something different—an ongoing series. swto_1-1 Starting in September, Jeff stretches his legs and blows our minds each and every month with SWEET TOOTH. One look tells you it’s unlike anything Jeff’s done before-—it’s a big leap narratively for one of comics’ most talked about creators. In form and function SWEET TOOTH is crafted to be as episodic as it is epic. Very consciously we’re setting up each individual issue to leave your nails bitten and your heart broke. Drama and distress are stacked, action mounts, people make choices, and questions get asked for which you’ll be dying to know the answer. Jeff knows how to pull the strings—that insane teaser image above makes you want more, doesn’t it? That first taste makes it a can’t wait for the next issue experience.