100 BULLETS...I KNOW IT”S OVER I mean I know we had our rough patches in the past – and you’ve disappeared on me before, sometimes months at a time – but this feels different. Like it’s really over. Ten long years – all the love, tears, laughs, fights, sex, revenge – and you’re just gonna vanish on me? Nice. How am I supposed to fill my time now? No more daily calls to Azz to talk about you. No more Risso jpegs of beautiful pictures of you. No more links to Trish’s server to see how pretty she colored you. No more words from Clem to speak to me with. No more tortured calls talking Dave off the ledge to get your covers...no more. Was it because of the changes Brian & I made to you on the last issue? Come on! They were MINOR. Just a snip here, a cut there. We’ve done way worse before. I even included a bunch of them to this posting so you can see what I’m talking about. God, you’re soooo sensitive. Fine. Whatever. Be that way. Go off and sulk. I’m over it. I don’t need you anymore. Wait...what’s that? You’re finally all collected? You mean all 100 issues of you? And the last trade comes out in like a week? So I can have all of you whenever I want to? Like forever?! Oh thank God...I’m so sorry about all the mean stuff I just said about you. I take it all back. I’m just a selfish jerk. I love you, baby. I always have and I always will.