It's a short week here at The Source, what with our bosses letting us have Friday off. But that just means we have to end the week with a bang. So, let's get right to it: Writer James Robinson and artist Mark Bagley will be the new ongoing creative team on JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, starting in October. I'll give you a minute or two to wipe the drool off your keyboards. All done? Great. The fun doesn't stop there. We managed to snag Robinson for a quick second to talk about the upcoming assignment, and how it ties into his current JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE mini-series, with artist Mauro Cascioli. Take it away, James: "It's a thrill to be given the reins of DC's flagship team book and to know that my partner in crime(fighting) will be the esteemed Mark Bagley who's dynamic storytelling skills I intend to make full use of.  It's further exciting/gratifying for me that I can dove-tail the events of Cry For Justice into the main book where post-Blackest Night will emerge a new team and a new exciting direction as they get caught up in the next wave of events building throughout the DCU." Speaking of Mr. Bagley, who's just coming off a historic run on the yearlong weekly series TRINITY, we've snagged a first-look at an upcoming cover from JUSTICE LEAGUE. I probably don't even have to ask you to click, do I? bagley And if you'll be in Charlotte this weekend, swing on by Heroes Con, where Mark Bagley will be sharing his first thoughts on the gig during the DC NATION panel on Saturday at 1pm.