bmrob-cv2 Over at AOL/Asylum's COMICS ALLIANCE site, our own Dan DiDio takes a moment to chat with CA's Laura Hudson about how the Batman universe will be shaping up post-BATTLE FOR THE COWL.

ComicsAlliance: What's been the reaction to the recent revelation that Dick Grayson, the original Robin, is now the new Batman? Dan DiDio: We had a lot of speculation about who was going to be the new Batman, and one of the things that I found most surprising was that most people were trying to guess in a different direction. But from our standpoint, we were always pretty locked in on the fact that Dick Grayson was going to be the new Batman... the legacy aspect plays into everything that makes DC great, where we have so many characters that have moved from one generation to another. People have become very invested in character over the years, and interested to see how he accepts the mantle.
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