Want another BATMAN AND ROBIN #4 cover peek? Sure, that's doable.

Want another BATMAN AND ROBIN #4 cover peek? Sure, that...

By DCE Editorial Friday, June 5th, 2009
Try not to get mad at us, folks, but we decided it'd be a nice kick-off to the weekend to throw you another cool BATMAN AND ROBIN image. This morning, you saw the cover to BATMAN AND ROBIN #4, by Frank Quitely, And, as some of you know, Philip Tan will be stepping in for a three-issue arc on the series, pairing him with writer Grant Morrison. Imagine how pleased I was to get a note from BATMAN Group Editor Michael Marts letting me know he'd just gotten the pencils for Tan's variant cover to #4. It's almost like we planned it this way. So, not only will you be getting Quitely cover goodness for the series, but Tan will be creating stunning variants for his time on interiors. But enough of my mutterings. Here's the image. br004covers