What, two news items in one day? Hey, things happen fast here, and we're happy to keep you posted. We've shown you some sample pages from the first issue of WEDNESDAY COMICS, and that seemed to get folks excited, so why not update you on a very exciting creative addition? Joining the roster of A-list creators collected by DC Art Director Mark Chiarello to create the weekly WEDNESDAY COMICS is none other than José Luis García-López, who'll be joining our very own Dan DiDio on the METAL MEN feature. Now, García-López needs no introduction. The man's been drawing amazing comics for decades. Plus, you don't want to hear me yammer. Let's look at the art. Check out a page from METAL MEN, below. Did I mention he'll be inked by Kevin Nowlan? Double good, yes? WEDNESDAY COMICS #1 hits July 8. metalmen-pencilsblog