flashreb01 A few points of interest to click on as you settle in for the last day of the work week: Comic Book Resources and IGN both talk to writer Geoff Johns about FLASH: REBIRTH #1, which hit this week and features artwork from Ethan Van Sciver. On taking on the huge task of reintegrating Barry Allen into the DCU, Johns tells CBR:

CBR: When it was revealed that Barry Allen was coming back from the dead, it almost broke the internet. Even mainstream media was running the story. Do you consider it an honor to be responsible for his return? Yes, and it’s a challenge. A lot of readers come with pre-conceived notions and, obviously, this is the most controversial return since Bucky Barnes. But I love The Flash, I love his villains, I love every character behind the lightning so getting back to Flash and the Flash universe and diving back in, I did without hesitation when I finally found the story and the direction.
And over at IGN, he explains why Barry Allen matters:
IGN Comics: For those who never really went back and read all the comics of the Barry Allen Flash era, can you explain what you believe makes him so different than Jay, Wally and Bart? Johns: Jay Garrick for me is kind of like the father figure. He's everybody's dad in JSA, and I've always played him as a father figure that you could talk to. He's the guy who is really supportive and would reach out and help you. Wally West is the sidekick made good. He's grown up and now has his own family. He's kind of come full circle from a kid to now raising kids himself – and kids that he can't necessarily relate to. With Bart it was one thing, because he was this kid who was a little bit unwieldy but still had super speed. So on one hand Wally could relate to Bart and could see this impulsive kid and what made him this way, and what super speed could do to you when you're young.