wednesday-comics-image last week, Dan DiDio announced plans for the latest DCU weekly series, WEDNESDAY COMICS, in an interview with NEWSARAMA. Today, they talked to the creative mastermind behind the groundbreaking new series, DC Comics Art Director Mark Chiarello. Chiarello, responsible for putting together the stellar lineup of talent gracing the new series, discussed some of the logistics and philosophy behind the book:

NRAMA: What went into the selecting the characters and the creators from your side of things? MC: It was something like what I did with Solo and Batman: Black and White - I just asked people if they could tell a story with anyone in the DC Universe in this format, would they be interested? Fortunately, with those two projects and with this, the creators I asked got it and understood what I was looking for. NRAMA: Were the answers anything like what you were expecting? MC: (laughs) Not always. When Neil Gaiman said Metamorpho, I kind of scratched my head, and said, “Whatever you want man – that’s cool.” When I asked Paul Pope, and was expecting Dr. Fate or something, but he said he wants to do a 1950s style sci-fi strip, so that’s cool, too. There were a couple where I specifically asked the creator if they would handle a certain character –Adam Kubert is writing the Sgt. Rock story for his dad Joe to draw – that’s a no-brainer. Every fan wants to see that, and that’s one of the very few where I sought out creators for a certain character.

WEDNESDAY COMICS launches this summer.