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Flash Facts - Official Trailer

Thu, 01/21/2021 - 6:00pm

Have you ever wondered what’s at the bottom of the sea? Why polar ice melts? Or which tools forensic scientists use to solve a crime?

Well, look no further! Everyone’s favorite Scarlet Speedster is here to answer all your burning questions! Barry Allen, with the help of some of his close friends, will take readers on an exciting journey that examines everything from the vast expanse of our galaxy to the smallest living organism known to man in Flash Facts, DC's latest graphic novel for middle graders.

Curated by award-winning actress and author Mayim Bialik, PhD, and featuring stories created by an all-star cast of writers and illustrators, this anthology aligns with Next Generation Science Standards and provides a helpful bridge between the lessons taught inside the classroom and our everyday lives.

Learn more about Flash Facts and check out a preview of an entire chapter: https://www.dccomics.com/blog/2021/01/11/varian-and-darian-johnson-give-us-our-first-look-at-flash-facts


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