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DC All Access - Bonus Clip - Top Ten Super Superman Moments

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 6:57pm



With over 75 years of comic book adventures to pull from, it's nearly impossible to narrow down Superman's best moments. But that's not going to stop us from trying! In this exclusive DC All Access bonus clip, we list off our Top Ten Super Superman Moments. Did your favorite make the cut?

Links to our Top Ten:

10. SUPERMAN TSUNAMI FREEZE (from Superman Unchained #2, 2013):

9. COSMIC FETCH WITH KRYPTO (from All-Star Superman #6, 2007):

8. ALONE AGAINST AN ARMY (from Superman: Birthright #11, 2004):

7. KAL TURNS HIS BACK ON PARADISE (from Superman Annual #11: For the Man Who Has Everything, 1985):

6. INFINITE CRISIS SUPER-PUNCH (from Infinite Crisis #7, 2006):

5. NUCLEAR SUBMARINE SPECIAL DELIVERY (from Superman: For All Seasons #2, 1998):

4. BIG BANG BOOM TUBE (from Action Comics #782, 2001):

3. THE MAN OF STEEL RETURNS (from Kingdom Come #1, 1996):

2. DOOMSDAY BEATDOWN (from Superman #75: The Death of Superman, 1993):

1. EVERYONE’S SUPERHERO (from All-Star Superman #10, 2008):

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