Dark Nights: Death Metal - Sonic Metalverse - EP6 "The Truth Machine"

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Dark Nights: Death Metal - Sonic Metalverse Ep. 6 "The Truth Machine"

Fri, 01/22/2021 - 12:50pm

From DC and Loma Vista Recordings comes Dark Nights: Death Metal Sonic Metalverse, based on the best-selling comic series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. Original Score by Tyler Bates.

Greg Capullo as Sgt. Rock
David Hasselhoff as Superman
Henri Cash as Superboy-Prime
Amy Motta as Catwoman
Andy Biersack as Batman
Fred Coury as The Flash and Aquaman
Sami Harlow as Harley Quinn
Joseph Mick Gaughan as Jarro
Tyler Bates as Swamp Thing
Jason R. Moore as The Darkest Knight
Arrow De Wilde as Perpetua
Cristin Davis as Solomon Grundy
Mace Beyers as Duke
Tim Franco as John Stewart and Booster Gold
Nicole Ciravolo as Abby Arcane and Lois Lane
Sean Dowdell as Green Lantern
Chelsea Wolfe as Wonder Woman

Drums by Dave Lombardo

ENTER THE METALVERSE: https://dcdeathmetal.world/

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