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Spanning 7 volumes and over 50 issues, The New York Times bestselling comic book series THE UNWRITTEN by the celebrated team of Mike Carey and art

From The Editor’s Desk: Karen Berger

Ontogenesis or Onto Genesis?

THE UNWRITTEN #32 preview
THE UNWRITTEN "Tommy Taylor and the War of Words" begins now!

The game-changing, twice-monthly epic "Tommy Taylor and the War of Words" written by Mike Carey with art by Peter Gross and M.K. Perker (Air, Cairo) begins today!

In 1930s New York, Wilson Taylor confronts the true enormity of his betrayals, while in the present day, Tom comes face-to-face with the Tinker.
While the cabal continue their seemingly motiveless murder spree, Tom Taylor researches his father's journals to uncover the secret connections between Wilson Taylor and his deadliest enemy, Pullman--as well as a hint at an eighty-year-old myst
The hammer goes down, the auction begins, and lot number 100 is . . . Tom Taylor. Who's going to be bidding, and what do they want him for?


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