Nubia & the Amazons Ushers in a New Age of Themyscira

While she's been a popular character since her introduction in 1973's Wonder Woman #204, Nubia has rarely been explored in those fifty years since.

A Knight in Blüdhaven is the Book that Redefined Nightwing

Hey, you! Yes, you reading this article. Give yourself a pat on the back because you made it through the week. You’ve earned a weekend of fun comic book reading, and we’ve got the perfect storyline to recommend.

I always find it interesting when DC fans refer to “Elseworlds” in the past tense.

Where would you go on a trip to find yourself? For 21-year-old Yara Flor, it’s Brazil, although she doesn’t quite know what she’s looking for there. That’s okay, though, because everyone is about to find her.

Monkey Prince Vol. 1 is a Lively Mix of Myth and Mayhem

New year, new comics! That's the famed motto right? If you're looking for a new favorite to lose yourself in this year, then you might be asking where do I start?

I Am Batman Vol. 1 Brings a New Kind of Justice to Gotham

There are a wealth of legacy characters in DC’s superhero world—heck, DC invented legacy characters! But with I Am Batman Vol.

Batgirls Vol. 1 Puts the "Best" in "Besties"

Welcome to your next Weekend Escape! Current and former Batgirls Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown are going on an escape of their own—but not the fun “go to the beach for a few days” kind.

Catwoman Claws Her Way Through Some Dangerous Liaisons

It might be icy outside, but Catwoman is ready to turn up the heat in Gotham City! Her ongoing solo series has now been collected into a fierce new volume that’s sure to keep you warm over a comfy weekend of reading.

The Death of Superman is '90s Excess at its Most Important

As comic book fans we've all come to understand that death in the funny pages isn't always the end.

Superboy: Losin' It is Fun '90s Nostalgia with a Dash of Attitude

Let’s face it, the times we’re living in can be a bit crazy.


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