The DC Universe Guide to Dinosaur Spotting

In Jurassic League, a book that’s so out-there brilliant in its concept, it’s surprising it’s taken this long to get it, we

Mike Grell picks up the pencil again for the dazzling 2-part "The Forgotten!" All in Skartaris know Travis Morgan, the Warlord – all except for Morgan himself!
The Warlord and his companions have made it to the Shadow Lands, but the evil power that has seized those lands isn't planning a warm welcome -- of course. Does their only hope lie with a surface-worlder?
The sudden arrival of a new band of surface-worlders in the exotic land of Skartaris has thrown its delicate political balance into disarray -- and only the Warlord can diffuse it.
Few creators are as synonymous with projects as Mike Grell is with WARLORD.
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