I love ongoing stories. I adore cliffhangers. One of my favorite parts of reading comic books is being absorbed into a never ending story, one with infinite worlds. Yet I often find I have a love/hate relationship with three words:
AZZ: I got an idea for a new series. ME: What’s it called? AZZ: SPACEMAN. ME: SPACEMAN? Is that one word or two? AZZ: It’s one. Like SUPERMAN. ME: It’s like SUPERMAN? AZZ: No! It’s like SUPERMAN but not like SUPERMAN. ME: So what’s it about.
Vertigo has lots of wonderful graphic novels slated for 2011 and we're going to make some publishing news today.
The literary adventure continues. Caught in the novel Moby Dick, Tom finds himself swallowed up in the belly of a whale with characters from other famous stories who’ve wound up in the same predicament.
FABLES issue #102 begins a new storyline – SUPER TEAM. What’s this you ask? Superheroes in FABLES? Let’s hear what editor Shelly Bond has to say:
Just who is Cindy’s enemy who was thought dead?
Angels, like fairies, are mystical creatures that fascinate people everywhere.
But before we get to that, let’s talk DMZ with series writer, Brian Wood.
If you’re a fan of Grant Morrison (and who isn’t?), you’ll be stoked to know that FLEX MENTALLO will be published in book form this year.


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