LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT 100-PAGE SUPER SPECTACULAR #1 is Gotham-noir at its best. In “Without Sin”, a flip of a coin and a trip to the confessional leads Harvey Dent to become the prime suspect in a grisly murder.

It’s the thrilling conclusion to NIGHT FORCE!


The threads are beginning to tie together as Sela’s master plan is finally revealed in the penultimate issue of NIGHT FORCE. What is the connection between Kassandra and Sela and how does it relate to Kassandra’s origin?

Trapped in the past, Baron Winters’ Night Force agents are forced to fight alone.

Chapter four of NIGHT FORCE is a huge turning point for the 7-part horror miniseries!


NIGHT FORCE #3 cover

At Wintersgate Manor, nothing is as it seems.


NIGHT FORCE #2 cover

Last month, writer Marv Wolfman and artist Tom Mandrake introduced you to DC Comics’ latest tale of horror and adventure, NIGHT FORCE.

This March, fan-favorite writer Marv Wolfman returns to the DC Universe with NIGHT FORCE.
An all-new Terrible Trio tries to use the citizens of Gotham City as their own personal ATM as they attack on land, sea, and air.
Starting next month, the RETROACTIVE series of one-shots will each feature a new 26-page story followed by a classic story from its corresponding era by the same writer. Below, check out the just-unveiled covers for all of the 1970’s books.


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