Ignore your phone calls, stop answering emails and listen to Scott Snyder talk BATMAN and AMERICAN VAMPIRE with the guys at IGN.

DC Embraces Its Dark Side

Yesterday we told you about the countdown IGN is doing on their site this week of their top 100 super heroes of all time.
Back in March, we announced BRIGHTEST DAY AFTERMATH, the follow-up miniseries to the New York Times bestselling series, BRIGHTEST DAY.
Today marks the last issue of BRIGHTEST DAY. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, then clicking on the jump is the very last thing you want to do (major spoiler alert!)
Today marks the release of the final issue of BRIGHTEST DAY. In the penultimate issue, Swamp Thing reemerged. And if you thought that was a surprise, just wait until you see what issue #24 has in store for you.
If you haven’t read BRIGHTEST DAY #23 and haven’t seen any of the press coverage about the big reveal, you might want to stop reading here.
If you haven’t read your copy of BRIGHTEST DAY #23 yet, then whatever you do, do not click on the jump (major spoiler alert!).


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