In the final issue of the current run of BATMAN, The Dark Knight’s past is illuminated.
In the conclusion to “Pieces,” Two Face not only finally tracks down his long-lost coin, but also his wife, Gilda. But is Gilda the woman he remembers her to be?
After being left for dead, Two-Face finds allegiance in one of the most notorious members of Batman’s gallery of Rogues. And not only is he still looking for his coin but his quest for revenge just got significantly more personal.
Two-Face has always been at least half-insane, but the loss of the scarred coin that keeps him semi-balanced has sent him reeling over the edge.
Here’s a first look at the BATMAN titles coming out in August:
Crime never sleeps in Gotham City. Here's an early look at June's BATMAN solicits.
No one disputes the fact that Batman’s the world’s greatest detective – but can he solve a crime on a timer?
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