“Zombie superheroes brought to life by the Black Lanterns. Soooooo metal!”
Writer/artist Sam Kieth presents the second part of the four-part "Ghosts" arc, as Batman teams with the GCPD to find out who -- or what -- is terrorizing his city.
Why stop with BRIGHTEST DAY, right? Click below for a look at all the Batman-related titles shipping in April, including BATMAN AND ROBIN, STREETS OF GOTHAM, BATGIRL and OUTSIDERS.
Courtesy of writer and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian with the masterful art of Sam Kieth, here's a peek at the concluding issue, which hits today.
Ready for a Lobo tale like no other? Is that possible, you ask? Well, you've never seen Lobo like this before. And by "like this" I mean written by heavy metal icon Scott Ian, with art by the legendary Sam Kieth. Got your attention? Good.
You've heard rumblings and seen reports here and there, but, as always, The Source is here for the official word on things. So, here goes:
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