Last Gang in Town: Where Will You be in 2018?

LAST GANG IN TOWN, the full throttle heist comedy with a soul that’s pure punk rock, screams its final, raucous tune this week with a last issue that launches our now aged gang into orbit as they infiltrate and try to take down a satellite b

Last Gang in Town: Where Were You in '77?

Pitch the thieving heart of Ocean’s Eleven into a blender with a gin-and-puke-soaked copy of “Never Mind the Bollocks,” a touch of The Usual Suspects and an old copy of MAD Magazine (back when it used to be a little dirty)

Creator Commentary: Last Gang in Town #1

LAST GANG IN TOWN is a manic miniseries spanning decades and genres.

Last Gang in Town: Ten Questions with the Creators

Music and mayhem just go so well together.

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