First Look: Lois Lane Discovers a Killer of a Story

In this week’s issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, Atom and Killer Frost head to Africa to see if the Mndawe Foundation can find a cure for Caitlin’s heat sickness – but find out that the procedure could be too dangerous.

In this week’s issue of GREEN LANTERNS, Jessica and Simon find themselves separated from each other in an unknown world – but with a twist… Simon is without his ring! 

Oscar-winning screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave/Creator of TV’s American Crime) is making his highly-anticipated return to comics with THE AMERICAN WAY: THOSE ABOVE AND THOSE BELOW #1, along with artist Georges Jea

In this week’s issue of DETECTIVE COMICS, after a run in with Zatanna, Bruce is forced to remember an important piece of Zatanna’s past—but like with everything else, this knowledge comes with a price.

In this week’s issue of EVERAFTER: FROM THE PAGES OF FABLES, the outside world is monitoring activity inside the Cube. They soon find out time moves at an accelerated rate inside… but what can be done?

In this week’s issue of HARLEY QUINN, Harley Sinn has broken out of Arkham Asylum. Her first stop? Harley Quinn! But Quinn doesn’t take too kindly to this unexpected visit, especially when everyone in her life is threatened.

In this week’s issue of LUCIFER, Lucifer has been gathering forces to take on the Presence, the faux God sitting on the throne of Heaven. It’s time to take the imposter down, and it will take the Devil to free Heaven’s angels. 

In this week’s issue of SUICIDE SQUAD, Task Force X is in need of a new leader, and the candidates for the lucrative job are slim. As Katana pleads her case, Amanda Waller has to keep a few others in mind.


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