Mento's back, and Rita's got him in a death grip! When her ex takes things one step too far, he learns a hard lesson about ticking off a 50-foot woman – and we learn some secrets about Rita. DOOM PATROL #13 hits tomorrow.
What kind of people call themselves "The Brotherhood of Evil"? Not this group; not if a certain pan-dimensional business tycoon has anything to say about it. After all, image is everything.
Oolong Island is picking up the pieces after the Black Lanterns' devastating attack. What's next? Only Keith Giffen and artist Matthew Clark know. DOOM PATROL #7 hits today.
Remember Mento? Yeah, that guy – goofy helmet, lightning bolt on his chest. After reading this issue, it's a sure bet you won't forget him again any time soon.
Ready for another dose of Keith Giffen and Matthew Clark's DOOM PATROL? Are you sure?
Happy Friday, DC Nation! Elisabeth Gehrlein here, DCU editor of…well, a really nice range of titles.
Let's cut to the chase: We've got an early look at the first issue of DOOM PATROL #1, right here. Written by Keith Giffen with amazing art from Matthew Clark and featuring a METAL MAN co-feature by Giffen, J.M.
Remember this? Well, here are the finished inks for you to enjoy.


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