First Look: Wonder Woman is Captured by the Eradicator
As the League regroups, the Eradicator finds a sinister use for Wonder Woman in this exclusive preview of Justice League #42.
Vertigo Book Club: Madame Xanadu Unites a Universe

I was first introduced to Madame Xanadu as a character through her appearance in the New 52’s

Dressed as DEATH from THE SANDMAN series by Neil Gaiman
Sound. Check. Sight. Check. Smell. Check. Touch. Check. Taste . . .
Welcome to the HOUSE OF MYSTERY HALLOWEEN ANNUAL where this year the tricks and treats are even more spooky. So take a look inside for a sampling of what's in store. HOUSE OF MYSTERY by Matt Sturges and artist Luca Rossi
Touch may be the most sensual of the five senses, but it's the bane of Neon Blue, a porcelain vision of beauty who doesn't care for physical contact.
Lots of Vertigo titles in the media this week.
Editor Shelly Bond just sent some amazing things to show off... FABLES #98 - Mark Buckingham's final pencils on the issue, an amazing double-page spread. Imagine it together!
The Witch Queen seems to think that Fig is very important, but the more time they spend together, the more the Witch Queen has her doubts in House of Mystery #28 wr
Madame Xanadu: “EXTRA-SENSORY” Hi Marley,


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