The war between the Trillians and the Mangels rages on and the Justice League is caught in the middle!

Get ready for some brand new adventures based on the hit animated series BATMAN BEYOND!

DCUOL #26 cover

Tomorrow, all bets will be off in the climactic conclusion to DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS.

DC Universe Online battle

There may only be three issues left in DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS, but the action is just getting started! Having originally pledged his alliance to Brainiac, Lex Luthor comes up with a plan to save Earth.

With only five issues remaining, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS kicks off its final battle in issue #22!
Last week, we showed you all the covers for the 1970’s books in this summer’s RETROACTIVE series. Today, take a look at all the covers for the 1980’s books:
The first issue of DC UNIVERSE ONLINE LEGENDS, the official comic book tie-in to the hit massive multiplayer online action game, hits comic shops and the
At the end of the epic DC Universe Online cinematic trailer, we see Lex Luthor giving what's left of the Justice League the lay of the land in a world where Brainiac is quickly taking over.
If there was a crowd-stopper at last year's San Diego and New York Comic-Cons, it was definitely the DC Universe Online cinematic trailer: a great, six-minute piece of animation where the big heroes of the DC Universe, well, get absolutely dest
Remember Mento? Yeah, that guy – goofy helmet, lightning bolt on his chest. After reading this issue, it's a sure bet you won't forget him again any time soon.
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