Get ready for some brand new adventures based on the hit animated series BATMAN BEYOND!

Superman Beyond Faces the Heat

Superman has always been a force for good in the world, saving the planet from the most lethal and destructive forces imaginable. That’s who he is, and even in the futuristic world of Superman Beyond, it hasn’t changed.

The War That Time Forgot 6 and 7
James Robinson and JT Krul will contribute individual stand alone stories in MEN OF WAR issue #7. We caught up with Robinson and Krul to get the inside scoop on their contributions.
As we get ready for the third week of full releases from DC Comics-The New 52, the previews keep rolling in. Want to know what’s coming up? Check out some of the press highlights from the past few days.
With the second full week of releases of DC Comics-The New 52 coming out tomorrow, more and more previews continue to roll out.
The Labor Day weekend didn’t slow down the publicity wave for DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, including high profile exclusive previews:


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