Plugged In: Morgan Hampton Brings Cyborg Into the 21st Century

If you’re a Cyborg fan who’s ever dreamed of writing the character yourself, you have quite a lot in common with Morgan Hampton.

A Knight in Blüdhaven is the Book that Redefined Nightwing

Hey, you! Yes, you reading this article. Give yourself a pat on the back because you made it through the week. You’ve earned a weekend of fun comic book reading, and we’ve got the perfect storyline to recommend.

Who is a better superhero mentor, Superman or Batman? We’ve seen how their methodologies differ when it comes to crimefighting, but what about mentoring?

Ten Things Nightwing's Done That Batman Never Has

Batman has done many things in his long career. He’s surfed alongside the Joker, sang in a musical and ice skated with Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, there are some things Batman hasn’t done.

How I Learned to Love Tawky Tawny, Shazam's Talking Tiger Pal

It has come to my attention that some of you aren’t aware of Tawky Tawny, one of the greatest characters in the DC Universe. If you aren’t acquainted with Tawny, he’s a talking tiger in a tweed suit.

Doom Patrol and Why We Love Our Favorite Comic Book Characters

All of us are drawn to the DC Universe for different reasons. Some people do it for escapism, others do it for the extraordinary artwork, nostalgia, or a combination of various reasons.

Legacy and Fate: Preparing Yourself for the Dawn of DC

I hope everyone feels rested and relaxed after their holiday break, because 2023 is going to be a busy year for DC.

My 2022 Top Three: Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Last year may have seemed to fly by, but it was pretty packed when it came to DC movies, comics, TV and (for the first time in a few years) games!

Seven Winter Stories to Read While You’re Snowed In

We may be starting a new year, but has anyone been able to go outside and experience it yet? Over half of the country is frozen and miserable. Perhaps, even with the snow, it’s possible for you to leave your home…but why would you?

What Would Batman Write in a Holiday Newsletter?

It’s the end of 2022, which means that it’s a time for holiday parties, television specials, awkward family gatherings and annual family newsletters


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