“An engrossing and viscerally powerful journey. . . . If you're not paying attention through all the fireworks, it's almost easy to forget you're reading a brilliant, meticulously constructed human drama." --IGN
I love the challenge of storytelling. You know, really digging in, getting your hands dirty with the narrative, trying to figure out what the readers need from a scene.
It’s been an eventful week here at Vertigo.
If someone told me when I first started working here, that I'd someday be working with Neil Young, I would have flipped out!
Some stories are so personal and so important that we cannot let them go. Time passes, details are embellished, and the narrative shifts to accommodate a new audience.
In the previous post by Rick Veitch you saw the inks for pages 1-3 of the upcoming issue, #21, of UNKNOWN SOLDIER. Now take a look at the pencils:


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