DARK RAIN: A NEW ORLEANS STORY, Vertigo’s new graphic novel, hit stores yesterday, just a couple of weeks shy of five years since Hurricane Katrina hit New
As an editor, sometimes you find writers who you just know are your type of, uh, writer. You know because you can throw any weird idea at them, and they come back with, “I think I’ve got something on that.” And then they actually do.
I've been asking the likes of the 7th floor to recall some key Vertigo memories.
Last month we unveiled the final version of Sarah Glidden’s cover painting for her graphic novel, HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS (well, final for now anyway). The book comes out in November.
When you’re a big-time comic book editor, such as myself, you get to know more about the writers and artists you work with than you ever thought you would. A lot more.
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