The Joker

A homicidal artist and an agent of chaos, the Clown Prince of Crime is the embodiment of everything Batman fights against…and everything he fears.

Comic Trailer - Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo

Comic book superstar Marc Silvestri writes and illustrates a twisted team-up for the Dark Knight set in a grim and gritty Gotham. How long can Batman and the Joker’s uneasy alliance last before they revert to bitter rivals? Find out in Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo, on sale November 1.

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Super Scenes - Batman: The Animated Series - "Batman vs. Joker/Harley"

You think rush hour is bad in your hometown? In Gotham City, they’ve got to worry about construction, gridlock...and loose Batmobile grappling hooks blocking traffic!

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Sean Murphy and Clay McCormack on Building White Knight's Bat-Family

Have you ever heard someone mention another person living in their head rent-free? Now, imagine if that expression was literal and that person was the Joker.

Super Scenes - Batman: The Killing Joke - "Batman Confronts the Joker"

“If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice!”

It's one of the most iconic confrontations between Batman and the Joker. After a vicious attack by the super-villain on Barbara and James Gordon, the Dark Knight faces the Joker in a highly-charged fight that could wind up being the last between the two adversaries. Will this be the time that Batman finally puts down Joker permanently?

I Now Pronounce You Bat and Cat

Is it happily ever after for Batman and Catwoman?

Neal Adams: A Legend on the Page and Off

Last week we were saddened to hear about the passing of Neal Adams, a legendary artist who helped reshape comic book storytelling.

First Look: Valentine's Day Breakup Advice From Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn struggles with heartbreak—and a powered-up Shazam—in this exclusive first look at next week’s Strange Love Adventures #1.
King for a Day: A History of Gotham City Takeovers

Halloween may be a distant memory, but “Fear State” is still the biggest thing happening right now in Gotham City.


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