Batwoman crosses paths with another "Bat"-character in this, the first part of "Cutter," teaming artist Jock with writer Greg Rucka. And yes, the title implies that things get a little grisly.
...and Batman? Sure you do. Here's a double-page spread from DETECTIVE COMICS #861 from the acclaimed artist -- pairing him with a certain Mr. Greg Rucka. The issue hits at the end of the month.
It's been a long week, Source gang, so we'll try to keep this simple. The DCU titles make a regular habit of having some cool and different variant covers, so why not show off a few here from time to time. Makes sense, no? Here goes.
Damian behind bars? Red Robin surrounded? Batman facing off against two new foes? This batch of covers, featuring the artistic stylings of J.H. Williams III, Tony Daniel, Dustin Nguyen and Marcus To, is light on answers but big on questions.
The cover to December's AZRAEL #3, by Jock.
The day is winding down, and you're looking for something on the web to help pass the time. How about some Philip Tan BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 art? Not enough? We'll thrown in some Tony Daniel art for BATMAN #693 plus Jock's take on AZRAEL #2?


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