Excited about today’s earlier post, announcing BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM? Well, that’s not all, May’s going to be a major month for BATMAN – here’s your first look at May’s solicits, after the jump.
Legacy is a big part of the DC Universe. Through the years, Batman has mentored many Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne. Each hero, in their own way, reflects their times.
Somehow, tools, evidence and weapons relating to some of Batman’s deadliest foes are ending up in the wrong hands – and people are dying because of it.
Yesterday, we gave you a glimpse at artist Francesco Francavilla’s lovely cover for DETECTIVE COMICS #874 — but what’s the story behind how we got there?
After Jock emailed over that epic Batman splash page, it was only fair that COMMISSIONER GORDON artist Francesco Francavilla chime in. And wow.
You should be after you look over these promo images. And with NYCC in full swing, expect lots of BATMAN-centric chatter over the weekend. See you at the booth!


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