Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday!

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday!

Last week, you got your first look at FOREVER EVIL tie-in, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #24.

Following the harrowing events of “Trinity War,” the Justice League Dark is presumed to be dead.

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #2 delivers another incredible collection of stories about the Man of Tomorrow from some of comics’ most respected creat

Why Superman?

Superman has been the world’s most beloved and recognized super hero for 75 years, and with a major new movie on the horizon and numerous comic book titles on the shelves, that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

This summer, the adventures of everyone’s favorite Orange Lantern will spin out of the pages of THRESHOLD into his own ongoing solo series.

This past weekend at WonderCon, VP of Sales, Bob Wayne, announced RETRO-ACTIVE. Published throughout July and August 2011, these are exactly the kinds of one-shots people often associate with summer.
So, Rip Hunter convinced Booster to go to the 25th century and stand trial for stealing the equipment that he used to become a superhero. The verdict? Guilty!


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