Vertigo Book Club: Hellblazer Addiction

Among all of the comics that have starred the cigarette-smoking, trench coat-wearing magician-slash-con-man known as John Constantine, I’ve always loved the

Constantine Confronts a New Kind of Demon in Exclusive Clip
The new edition of HELLBLAZER VOL. 2: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW written by Jamie Delano goes on sale in February. John Cassaday has provided a striking new cover. Check it out below.
The cover to HELLBLAZER: PANDEMONIUM was a long time in the making - I'm guessing the first sketch was conceived at least a year before the final image was
Good morning Graphic Content readers! Today is very snowy in the big apple—the perfect day to stay in your pjs and read a good comic book or graphic novel or some of the great reviews and features they’re receiving.
One of the comic book industry’s iconic anti-heroes, John Constantine, the man who’s literally been to hell and back travels to the only thing worse than Hades’ realm—the frontlines of war.
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