Way to go Long Beach! I just got back up to LA from the first Long Beach Comic Con and I had a blast. The show was great, the fans were great, the guest list was great and the weather was great.
You've heard rumblings and seen reports here and there, but, as always, The Source is here for the official word on things. So, here goes:
Hi everybody - check out this image which is only part of the cover to August's BOOSTER GOLD #23.  That's right, it's only PART of the cover.  So what's the rest going to look like?  Well I can't tell you that, but I can say that we're about to
Hey everybody – Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler here.  It’s almost hard to put into words how excited I am right now.  I’m not talking about winning the championship in my fantasy basketball league -- and that was pretty awesome.  I’m not talki
Ah, dawn in the city. I start going through emails. Renato Guedes has sent us pencils for pages 9-10 of SUPERMAN #688. Wow, these are gorgeous!


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