Peter Milligan, author of the current series HELLBLAZER and GREEK STREET will be sig
March is the month of Milligan or Milligan is the march of the Month
Sex and violence. The Greek dramas were epic tales filled with unforgettable characters, bloody betrayals and, yes, more sex and violence than even an HBO original series.
So the great part of being an editor is that you never know what will pop up in your inbox on any given day. the below are just a few of the super cool surprises that I received in the past few days.
Greek mythology and its multitude of characters is the basis for GREEK STREET.
A shocking new drama unfolds on the stage of GREEK STREET.
Author, Peter Milligan takes you backstage of GREEK STREET:
On Tuesday you discussed your favorite works by Peter Milligan. Now, here are the covers to some of his upcoming titles. SHADE THE CHANGING MAN Vol. 1:
Peter Milligan, one of the founding writers of Vertigo, is a busy man.
Lot’s happened this week. Here's a roundup of those not to be missed.


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