All-Star Superman #6 May Be the Greatest Superman Comic Ever Written

When I look at the legacy of Superman stories, it is a challenge to not include Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s

The Roundup: A Multiversity of New Creators

No, we haven’t cracked open the comic industry Multiverse and unleashed a flurry of alternate universe Scott Snyders, Jeff Lemires and Jim Lees into the world.

Caption This!: A Super Thanksgiving

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Caption This!, our monthly contest of captions and collectibles.

"Little did I suspect when I accepted the BATMAN writing assignment back in 2006 that I’d wind up spending the next six years writing the longest continued comic story I’ve ever attempted.

Fans attending MorrisonCon in Las Vegas this weekend were treated to a very special announcement this morning.



Take an exclusive first look at Frank Quitely's variant cover for BATMAN, INCORPORATED #1!

FLEX MENTALLO: Man of Muscle Mystery Deluxe Edition written by Grant Morrison lands in stores in February. We've got the very first look at the awesome new cover by Frank Quitely.
THE NEW YORK TIMES Arts Section included the WE3: DELUXE EDITION in the “Coming Attractions” feature on Sunday.
That's right. This November, we are excited to bring you THE ABSOLUTE SANDMAN BOOK FIVE.


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