The crew of the Interceptor has been attacked by Red Lanterns! While trying to make their way back to the ship, Hal and Razer get sucked into a pocket dimension belonging to Myrwhydden.

When Superboy loses his tooth, Supergirl decides it’s time for a traditional Kryptonian Tooth Fairy Party with special guests Beast Boy and Starfire! But when action figures attack and ruin the party, can the Superpets save the day?

In the far reaches of space, a fiery rocket ship is on a collision course with Earth … specifically Metropolis!

Zilius Zox wants to impress Atrocitus by creating a new super villain to find and destroy the Green Lantern Corps. Made of yellow rock minerals that cancel out Green Lantern power, this new villain is named Goldface!

When a mysterious purple meteor crashes into Metropolis, a new super villain is created! What special power does he have that renders Superman defenseless? And does Lois Lane have a crush on this new foe?!

As Kilowog and Hal Jordan continue their journey, they come across a distant and empty planet. It doesn’t take long for the Interceptor crew to see that this wiped-out civilization is the work of the maniacal Red Lanterns.

A Kryptonite meteorite is headed to Metropolis! When it’s found and accidentally eaten by a monkey named Titano visiting The Daily Planet, he turns into a giant ape that terrorizes the city! Will Superman be able to stop him?

Diverted from their mission, Hal Jordan, Kilowog and company find themselves mysteriously transported to fight in a Monster Arena. Will Hal be able to outsmart Malvir and escape the arena with everyone unscathed?

Last month, you were introduced to DC Comics’ new all-ages series, SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES.


On a new planet, Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Aya and Razer find themselves taking fire from an unseen enemy.  But who is trying to kill them and why? What special force does this unknown killer possess that affects the Green Lanterns’ power?


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