The Spirit, Doc Savage, Batman and Neal Adams? How can you go wrong?
It's almost here -- an Earth very much like our own, but featuring a collection of pulp and noir heroes that include the Batman, the Spirit, Doc Savage, Black Canary and many more.
Did you think we’d run out of news after two weeks of DCU in 2010? No such luck, Source crew. In fact, we’ve got two new ongoing books to unveil, both hitting in April.
This is it. Doc Savage makes his return to DC Comics, and crashes right into Gotham's protector, The Batman.
Not long ago, we showed you a few sketchbook pages from THE FIRST WAVE, featuring sketches from artist Rags Morales and notes from writer Brian Azzarello. But why stop at two when we've got plenty more?
We're gonna go light on the commentary here, mainly because this stuff can A) speak for itself and B) is amazing. From the desk of writer Brian Azzarello, with amazing art from Rags Morales, prepare to enter the world of FIRST WAVE...
A week ago, we unveiled the details about THE FIRST WAVE, writer Brian Azzarello and artist Rags Morales' gritty pulp romp, featuring Doc Savage, Batman, the Spirit a


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