Some things you probably know: The Spirit returns in a new ongoing series next month from writer Mark Schultz and artist Moritat. We showed
Starting with the first issue of the new SPIRIT ongoing series, each issue will feature a SPIRIT: BLACK AND WHITE co-feature from the top talents around the industry.
Last week, you got a first look at Rags Morales' interpretation of "The Bat-Man" in the pages of FIRST WAVE.
It's been a Batman kind-of-day, and will continue to be, as we've got a major art debut later today. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, shall well? We've got a major art debut to show right now.
If that lengthy preview this morning wasn't enough for you, then we have another piece of lovely art to make Friday all the more fun.
In a world without super powers, there are still those men and women who merit the name "hero."


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